Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Make a rolling lumber cart

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This week I finally decided to do something about the less-than-adequate storage system I have been using for my lumber. The biggest problem for me has been finding a good way to store plywood and other sheet goods.

Most of us rarely need to store a full sheet of plywood. I buy sheet goods to meet the requirements of whatever project I am building and use them right away. At most, I may need to store them for a day or two, in which case I just lean them against a wall or — if its not raining — simply leave them in my truck.

Sometimes I dont use all of the sheet however, so what I needed was a way to store a half-sheet or so. This lumber cart solves much of my storage problems, and after building it I discovered that it holds a lot more wood than my old rack and takes up less space.


Building plans:
  • PDF File
  • SketchUp file


Update: Thanks Fabian V. Valinskas for drawing out a cutting diagram!

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