Thursday, March 6, 2014

Timeless Contemporary Coffee Tables

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Coffee tables come in many designs and styles such as the classic, contemporary or the modern types. These coffee tables are considered to be a good centerpiece for your home.
From wood to metal to glass type of materials, and every designs, shape and size you can think of, there is a contemporary coffee table that is just right for your living room.
Wood is still a key factor for many contemporary coffee table designs and styles. It lasts long, durable and is easy to clean and maintain. However, they do differ with the finishes nowadays, which have dark, clean and pale natural finishes have replaced the mahogany and cherry finishes before. On the other hand, common and standard rectangle, square and round designs like the round ottoman coffee tables are still in. Lately there are so many creative, unique and stylish designs invented and produced for a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from.
Metal type of materials are still up to date, only that they come in a more artistic and unique designs. Metal type of coffee tables are considered to be one of the unique coffee tables nowadays because it usually last longer than wood type of tables.
Another type of contemporary coffee tables are the glass top tables, which became popular in the 80’s and until now it is still counting for more individuals who loves glass type of table. Its base can be made with wood, iron and aluminum with different shapes and designs to consider for the tabletop and its base as well. Unfortunately, until now they still haven’t invented a type of glass table that is dust proof and does not show any fingerprint marks.
These contemporary coffee tables can also have storage spaces for keeping away your stuffs. There are those that have drawers, shelves for your magazines and newspaper that you can easily read at anytime you want. There are also deeper storage spaces wherein you can store away your stuffs that you don’t need that much.
Having this contemporary coffee table will bring out the best of both worlds, it is a timeless possession that will still outshine through the end of time.
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