Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Q A Jesse Scout Nimble

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Today Im at Cassies sharing my updated home tour, make sure to check it out!! Also, make sure to browse her amazing furniture renos!!


Im so excited to have Jesse from Scout & Nimble here today! Jesse is super talented and has a beautiful home!! If youre new to Jesses blog, you must check out her new walk-in closet! Super jealous (Im going to have to be a little creative in the next few months with our tiny closets) It is SO pretty and looks like it belongs in a high end boutique! Love love love it!!

Read on to learn a little more about Jesse.

Hi! I am Jesse and I blog over at Scout & Nimble and can I just tell you really fast how excited I am to be here guest posting for Sarah? I fell in love with Sarah, her style and her "out of this world" DIYs during the Creating with the Stars competition. I mean can you say talented? I am such a fan and I always look forward to seeing what she is up and tackling next.

Fall is by far my favorite season. I am not a super great cook, but I do get excited for those crisp, cool Sundays where the house is filled with the aromas of a nice hearty meal...maybe even with a little football...arent those days the best? I love all things Pioneer Woman and you guys, Im telling you if you have not made her Perfect Pot Roast, you are seriously missing out.

It is so simple and easy. Its one of those recipes that you throw together in a pot and cook for 4-5 hours that will have anyone that steps foot in your house drooling. I serve it with her Creamy Mashed Potatoes and it is the perfect comfort food.

There is no faster way to brighten & freshen up a space than adding some fresh flowers or house plants. I love having fresh flowers in my house and it doesnt have to be anything fancy. Our grocery store sells fresh flowers for $4.99 for a bundle and for the most part, they last around 10 days. It is totally worth the fifty cents per day, in my opinion, to have them around. Just try it...the next time you go to the grocery store buy a bundle and see the difference in your mood. And if you are not a flower person, just a small houseplant will do. Those of you that have grayish thumbs like me...succulents are your best friend!

My biggest DIY fail...hmmm...there are just so many its hard for me to choose just one. There have been pleeeeenty of less than stellar moments and I know there will be plenty to come. There are the projects that just totally dont work out and there are the ones that are a constant game of curveballs that require some major problem solving. Then, there are the ones I start and somewhere along the way, get distracted and then they just sit there. That might just be one of my worst habits. Most of the time, they are projects that I thought would be really easy and very quickly realized that they were indeed not. Prime example...a $10 couch that I scored that I started to re-upholster...its still sitting in our basement in the same state that I left it back last summer. Its terrible, I know, but it is a good reminder to not to jump the gun on something just because it is an incredible price.

One of my favorite all time projects was adding wood beams to our living room ceiling.


They were something that I had been wanting to add to our home ever since we walked in and knew it was ours. Another project that I am so happy to have done is transforming our master closet into a boutique inspired closet.


It is such a toss up for me right now...I am totally digging these quirky unique big huge patterns that have a ton of personality but I have always been drawn to the stripes. Thin stripes, bold stripes, colorful contrasting doesnt matter. I saw this the other day and immediately pinned it.

Oh wow, Sarah! Tough question! I have so many that I am I supposed to pick just one? I mean the list goes on and on, but here are some of my faves.

Kelly Wearstler
Emily Henderson
Bunny Williams
Miles Redd
Nate Berkus

I feel like I am leaving so many out. I am inspired by all of these designers, their style, their aesthetic and their choices.

Thank you again for having me here, Sarah and I am wishing you all the best during this transition! I hate that you had to leave behind your home that you worked so hard on...but I know there is something special for you just around the corner waiting for you to put your magic touch on it! ;)


I definitely identify with seeing the potential in a piece and not all of the work thats involved .. We had to pitch a project chair before moving since no one else saw the same potential :( We attempted to reupholster it, but ran out of patience and time. Projects are almost always more complicated than originally anticipated!!

I just adore the beams that Jesse added to her living room ceiling - they add so much character to the space! Such a pretty room, I could definitely live there!

Thanks so much for stopping by today Jesse!!

If youre new to Scout & Nimble, make sure to check out her before and after page and tutorial page!

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