Thursday, February 13, 2014

sofa table update diy brass ring pulls

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Have you ever finished a piece and thought ... hey that doesnt look right ...

Well last night we finished painting the sofa table and installed the hardware and I had that feeling, the paint was a little dull and the hardware wasnt quite right

I just couldnt stop staring at the drawer pulls ... so I decided to find something that would be less distracting

With no luck of finding a simple ring pull in a local store I decided to make my own from materials gathered at Ace Hardware

My DIY version has a 1" brass ring, brass cotter pin, brass washer, and another washer for the inside (we will put the washer on the inside and bend the ends of the cotter pin to hold in place).

I am waiting on the wood filler to dry in the holes that we drilled for the pull - then I will give the whole table a final coat of a tinted version of Annie Sloan Versailles (to make it a little less dull)

Hopefully second time will be the charm ... finished photos soon!

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