Monday, February 10, 2014

The Banjo Is Done !!

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Well .... Its done and it sounds GREAT ! For a first shot at building a banjo from scratch, Im completely happy with the way it came out ... It took considerable patience on WIlls part to get the neck on right, and we learned a lot, about building a banjo and about working together on a project where we both had a little knowledge, but neither of us had the whole picture. We both stuck up for what we thought was right, which made the process decidedly more interesting. Its a good thing one of us (and it wasnt me) knew a lot about how a banjo should play, how it should be set up and what little things you can do to fine tune the finished product. Will has a couple more tweaks that he wants to do to it, but I think hes pretty happy with it too .... Hopefully, well add some sound to this entry soon .... Click the pictures to enlarge them .....

First notes, yesterday afternoon ...

The pot

The fretboard

Side view

Head on ...
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